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How to install the game with the cache

What is Cache?

Cache - a collection of files (textures, music, video, official files) and folders that are required to run the game. So we can say that it is the main component of the game. Usually the cache are games that have high resolution.

What is it for?

Cash is needed to start and complete the work game. Assume that game, for example, 1 gigabyte in size would be in one file apk, then your smart phone would simply not be enough internal memory for its installation. It is also due to the variety of iron: videuskoriteley, CPU, screen resolution, etc., there are different assembly cache, and therefore, in most cases, the cache is different under a certain phone. Choose a cache for your phone / platform.

There are situations that the game does not find the cache, or asks for something to continue downloading. This means that the incorrect path of the location cache. Need to make sure of the path where the cache is located. As well, sometimes you need to run the game to pass the verification: the game downloads the rest of the original files and writes the verification of existing - to continue downloading files from the Internet via Wi-Fi.

If you delete the game cache is not always deleted automatically! Sometimes the cache is removed when you uninstall the game, sometimes not, and it stays in place. Look at the way in which the theme is the game cache and delete it manually through a third-party file manager.

There are 2 ways to install the games with the cache:

    through Wi-fi internet
    USB-cable or card reader