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ANDROID Subway surfers World tour Tokyo

Subway surfers: World tour Tokyo - the next stop of travel of our friends in the rising sun country.

  • Admire views of a blossoming Oriental cherry
  • New character - Harumi
  • Weekly prizes
Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7. v1.10.3 [24.7 MB][apk]                                     

ANDROID Smash hit

Smash hit - a tremendous world, where you will break various glass objects meeting on your way.

  • More than 50 levels
  • 11 fine styles
  • Realistic game physics
  • Music for each level
  • Excellent graphics

ANDROID Bad roads 2

Bad roads 2 - the continuation of a cheerful game, where you should transport cages with ducks on the crossed district.

  • 5 cars
  • 5 new routes
  • Music for each of them
  • Multiplayer on one device
  • Stylish graphics
Android 2.2 and higher. [31.8 MB][apk]                                     

ANDROID Panda run

Help a little panda get home, having overcome all obstacles in the way, in the game Panda run.

  • Amusing character
  • Simple control system
  • Graphics in east style
  • Leaderboard

ANDROID Worm run

Worm run - a game, where you will escape from a huge space worm, overcoming thus various obstacles.

  • Bright retrographics
  • Bonus objects
  • 5 unique worlds
  • Compete with friends
Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7 [18.9 MB][apk]                                     

ANDROID Pyro jump

In the game Pyro jump a small spark will overcome a set of the most various obstacles in the way to his favourite princess.

  • 4 colourful worlds
  • 70 levels + 20 bonus
  • 25 achievements
  • Increasing difficulty
Android 4.0.4 and higher. v1.0.1 [35.5 MB][apk]                                     

ANDROID Rocket robo

Rocket robo - fascinating adventures of a small robot, that will fly in the colourful three-dimensional world with a set of dangers and portals.

  • 3 fantastic worlds
  • 57 levels
  • Various puzzles
  • Pleasant music
How to install a game with cache?

Way for cache: sdcard/Android/obb/

Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7. v2 [8.2 MB][apk]
Game cache. ARMv7 [68.9 MB][zip]                                    

ANDROID Subway surfers World tour Rio

Subway surfers: World tour Rio - a travel to a solar Brazilian city - Rio de Janeiro.

  • Visit Brazilian carnival
  • New character - a samba dancer Carmen
  • 3 new exotic boards
Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7. v1.7.3 [22.8 MB][apk]